Christmas Season Flashback

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Christmas Season flashback

In the spirit of the season, I had a goal to get this up before the year ended!! 🙌🏽 which is important bc Late summer (last year (2022)), Clint, EJ and Evan were sitting at a card table – in what WAS a wide open field – w a camera crew filming who knew what (at the time). We’re just home from school and TO ME it looked like a perfect opportunity for #JRBO and #JHJO to see, meet and talk to successful men (who looked like them) right across the street from our house. The trio were in the middle of filming a promo for their @prm_by_slimandhuskys clothing line that was set to premier at the fall @creative_girls_rock gala (as we found out later). The most important part is that all three stopped, shook the boys hands, talked to them, asked them abt how they liked @purpose_prep and how their grades were. In full on mommy mode, I HAD to say they make $$$$ owning a business. ‘They own a business like we do and shape the lives of ppl across the country!’ #JHJO was wide-eyed but confused. #JRBO just tried to play it cool. 🤣😒 we let them get back to it but the only pizza from then on was @slimandhuskys in their minds (#BrandLoyalists based on an amazing interaction).
Fast forward, i text Evan to tell him i nearly cried walking back across the street bc i realized the magnitude of what had happened. It’s been since the 50s & 60s that the inner city truly had AA professionals living and working right next door to ea other – we literally live and work near ea other – the guys actually thought the same, collectively, and were moved by our boys’ story, interest in what they were out there doing and the actual convo. The impact was tremendous.
We didn’t imagine that these amazing entrepreneurs would be so moved as to breath their brand into our family(even more than already infused) to introduce our boys to in such an amazing way. The future of our boys includes your fingerprints and pizza rules everything around them for sure!! 💚🎄🍕Thanks Clint, DMo EJ and Evan!!!!! #PRM #PREAM 🌽 #Yardrunners #HBCUMade #TSU #tsutigers #NCCU #NCCUEagles #OutNorf #MoveBackIn